What to Do When Availing a Box Shipping Service

Box shipping is pretty much what the term implies. It is used to transfer items that can no longer fit in parcel post or regular mail but are not big enough to qualify for shipping meant for larger items. However, unlike parcel shipping, box shipping doesn’t really have any standard specifications. The standards and, of course, the price will most likely depend on the UK shipping company. What doesn’t change, however, is what you should do when you’re shipping boxes.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to pick the right box for your item. This will most likely depend on the item you’re shipping, its size, and its weight. Use a double-wall box when dealing with more delicate items (for instance, glassware) since it provides additional protection. Consider wooden boxes when the item you’re shipping is extremely heavy; the wooden box will allow for easier shipping.

As with most shipping companies, most cheap parcel shipping companies will require you to pack the items to be shipped, although some may be able to provide you will ample assistance, especially with special items. Contact your preferred box shipping company and ask if they can offer packing assistance—from providing you with the right box to doing the packing for you. Needless to say, these additional services also have additional charges.

This kind of shipping service still adheres to rules regarding items that cannot be shipped. These items include firearms, plants and seeds, money, perishable goods, and many others. Some box shipping companies accept these items for an additional change as well as special contracts and considerations, so take note of these when shipping such items.

Be careful when shipping items that use fuel (for instance, lawn mowers). Make sure to drain the fuel to avoid accidents. Also, clean such items (particular garden tools): grass or other types of dirt can actually appear suspicious to custom officials.

Of course, you need to look into the service itself as well. Check the pricing of the box shipping company. As with most shipping services, they will look into your package’s weight, size, as well as the distance from the origin to the destination and the mode of transport. Read the contract to ensure there are no clauses that will not make the company liable in case something happens to your package that’s within their fault. Be care of shipping frauds as well; check the licenses of the company to ensure their validity and authenticity.

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